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Individual Performance Training Centre

IP was founded by David Harris and specializes in one-on-one personal and performance training.
It's not busy.  You donít wait for machines or equipment.  It's unique, made for the INDIVIDUAL.  Regardless of your training goals and aspirations Individual Performance offers a unique training experience.
Dave started as a kinesiologist after graduating from the University of Western Ontario.  Since then he has completed several courses on holistic nutrition, rehab and strength conditioning; mentoring under Al Vermeil, Charles Poliquin and Dr. Ken Kinakin.  He has taken other courses by Drs. Guy Voyer, Michel Joubert and Paul Chek regarding posture, flexibility and overall health.


    One-on-one individualized training
    Pilates reformer classes and private sessions
    Protein shake stand
    Sport performance training
    Soft tissue rehab and rehab training
    Fat loss/body composition training
    Inquire about seminars
    The facility is over 5000 sq feet
    And we offer nutritional advice and program design


We pride ourselves in having some of the best equipment in the industry. Name brands found here are Atlantis, Precor, Cybex, Freemotion, Star Trac and Hammer Strength. The facility offers a blend of machines and free weights and special sports performance room.
Olympic Lifting, Powerlifting and free-weight training complement our glute-ham raise, reverse hyper, adjustable steps, kettle bells, sleds, hurdles and plyo boxes.  If you know what those items are then youíll be thrilled.  If you donít, DO NOT be intimidated.  Come on in and we will show you.
Dave at IP